Daily Snippet: 17th August 2016

  • Testing of reworked HDMI_OUT Core
  • Problems with DMA engine and some random timing problems

Daily Snippet: 7th August 2016

Daily Snippet: 4th Aug 2016

  • Was getting some errors in the map phase for process flow, so difficult to debug and correct
  • After several changes in PLL clock setup for HDMI_OUTs, fixed the error, this was because of unnecessary usage of platform.rquest() for HDMI_OUT_1 pads.
  • Testing the mixer using new DMA setup, with just one HDMI_OUT
  • For HDMI_OUT, hdmi_out0_fi_base0_write, working fine, but hdmi_out0_fi_base1_write(), is not functioning at all, hence not able to mix the inputs currently

Daily Snippet:28th July 2016

  • (Spotted and) Solved overflow bug in rgb16f to rgb conversion module, the module was not considering greater than 1 float inputs in design, and was giving 0 output for them.
  • Spotted a crucial mistake in connections of mixer block, was not including eq. statements inside a self.comb += [].
  • Added support in firmware to see dynamic fade in and out between two inputs.
  • Some problem with sync and acks as the position of output screen is not correct.